Preparing for Your Home Closing

Closing is the final step in the process of selling your home. This is where the official transfer of ownership and possession usually take place. You will hand over your keys and the closing agent will pass them on to the new owners.

Walk Through

Typically a day prior or sometimes the day of closing, it is customary for the buyers to do a final walk through. This is when they the buyer checks off on any items to be addressed and makes sure the home is in a similar condition as when they agreed to purchase the property. If anything was damaged during your move, please do what is necessary so this does not present an issue in the last hours before closing.


You also need to remember to cancel or transfer all of your utilities and home services. Most of these will now allow you schedule your cancellation days in advance. If for some reason you are concerned they closing might be delayed, you can wait until the buyers have a clear to close from their lender. This means their loan has passed the underwriting phase and their loan is ready for funds to be sent to the closing agent.


You will need your driver’s license and a second form of ID just in case. You will need a cashier’s check if any funds are required to close. You may be allowed to write a personal check for smaller amounts. Please also remember to bring all of your keys, garage door openers, ect.

Although it is rare this late in the process, even if we have done everything right to prevent it, sometimes hiccups do happen. Perhaps the buyer’s loan gets delayed or something breaks during the move. We have seen it all and will be right there with you to handle any last minute issues in the most efficient and stress free manner possible.

A day or two prior to closing we should receive a preliminary settlement statement. This will outline all of the financial aspects of the transaction. Prior to closing we will verify everything is correct and make any corrections where necessary. At closing, the closing agent will go through the entire settlement package with you.

At this point there should be no surprises. We should essentially be verifying the preliminary settlement statement and going through all the appropriate disclosures. However, the closing agent will explain anything you need in further detail, and of course we will be right there as well. When complete, the closing agent will either present you with a check or wire any proceeds from the sale to your account.

If you have questions or are interested in putting your home on the market, please contact us. If you are almost to closing and still have not found another home to purchase, check out homes for sale in Tiger GA.