Deciding to Sell Your Home

Deciding to sell your home or second home can be difficult decision. It is often a process that involves varying emotions. As you work your way through it, you should consider your needs and hopes for selling. What is it that you are hoping to accomplish? Clarifying your motivations will help you attain purpose and have a more successful and enjoyable selling experience.

Your motivations 

Has your family outgrown your current home? Do you want your kids in a better school district? Did your neighborhood not mature as you had hoped? Do you need a shorter commute? Are you moving to another city or state? Did your financial position recently change?

While your need to sell might seem evident, if you think about it you may have additional underlying motivations as well. These are also important to discuss with your agent. The better we understand what is driving your decision the better we can help you achieve your goals. It is also important to consider the impact this decision will have on your lifestyle and your future.

Your Finances

You also will need to consider you current financial situation. What impact will selling and potentially purchasing another home have on financial security and future goals? We provide an upfront and detailed layout of all the cost involved. We also can help you with potential tax and estate planning strategies. Our goal is to not just to help you save money today but also to help you structure your investment for a better tomorrow.

Your Timeline

You also should consider your timeline for selling. Do you have a contingency contract on a home you are purchasing? Do you need to sell quickly or are waiting for that perfect offer? We can review the current market conditions to help you decide when would be the most appropriate time for you to sell. We can also discuss the financial implications of moving up or down in the same market and how future market conditions and rates could be more or less favorable.

Market Trends

We provide the most accurate and up to date information available for Lake Rabun real estate to help you make an informed decision regarding when to sell. While it is true that no one has a crystal ball, we do everything possible to help you take the stay in front of national and local trends. This way you can take the out guesswork out of the equation and know when to sell with confidence.

If you have questions regarding the future sale of your home, please contact us.