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About Rabun County Georgia

Rabun County is the most Northeastern county in the state of Georgia. It is also the highest by elevation and the coolest by average monthly temperature. Rabun County also receives on average more rainfall than anywhere else in the state. In fact, it is one of the wettest counties east of the Cascade Mountains, but with much rain comes some of the most incredible features you will find anywhere.

Rabun County is also home to more state and federal owned lands than any other county. If you love getting outdoors and enjoying natural beauty, then look no further. Stunning mountain vistas, emerald green lakes such as Lake Burton and Lake Rabun, roaring white waters, and enchanting waterfalls are just a taste of what you will find in the Georgia mountain paradise.

Rabun County Real Estate Conditions

The real estate market in Rabun County is healthy and remains steady. There has been a consistent demand for the second home buyer submarket. This has helped keep the local supply of home at lower than normal level. This is especially true for Clayton which is Rabun County’s largest city and for Sky Valley, one of the local market hotspots.

The Rabun County real estate market has also seen an increase of primary and secondary homebuyers exiting larger cities due to pandemic. It is uncertain whether this will be long term trend. Low interest rates have also increased the purchasing power for many borrowers which in turn have also helped aid in home appreciation. There is also a limited number of foreclosures currently for sale in Rabun county.