Home Valuation by Roof Styles

You probably are not the type of buyer that looks at the roof, and you are in good company. Many buyers simply inquire about the age and possibly have it inspected. But unless it is unique or has something wrong with it, most do not give it much thought.

However, a brief moment examining the roof can tell you a lot about a home. This is not to for you simply look at the quality or condition of the shingles. It is more to get you to step back and see the quality of the build. If you are comparing two similar homes with differing roof styles and do not assign that a value, it could cost you thousands when it comes time to sell.

An open gable is a common and inexpensive style roof.


A hip roof is more labor intensive and requires more skill to build.

Now place either of there next to a hip and valley roof you easily see a big difference not only in the roof but also the structure of the home.

There really is no comparison when it comes to curb appeal of this home.  Also notice how the more appealing building features come at cost namely the loss of potential square footage when compared to other designs. It is easy to see why this style of home is more attractive and why it would cost more to build.

On a typical 2500 square foot home, an upgrade from a gable to a hip roof might add an additional $10,000 in value.  A similar upgrade to hip and valley roof might add $20,000 or more depending on the detail and added cost to the structure. While it may not be exciting, looking at homes from the top down should help you to see past some of the décor and provide a glimpse into the real craftsmanship it took to build a home.

If you need help evaluating a prospective home you are interested in please contact me.