How Much Acreage do I Need?

This is very important question. If you do not buy enough, you will always be wish you had more. If you buy more than you need, you will not only have paid more but also have to continue to pay more for maintenance, taxes, and insurance.

The truth is many buyers have a hard time conceptualizing the size of land. You really need to see the difference between a five, ten, or even fifty acre parcel before deciding.

Think about what your plans are for the land. How does adding another acre or two or ten help you achieve your goals? There is no wrong answer, but it is one I would encourage you to really think through.

Perhaps just as important of a question is the shape of a property. Parcels come in all shapes and sizes. Do you need a more square lot or would the same size narrower lot work as well?

You also need to consider the distance and cost to run utilities to your property. If you plan on putting in a septic, you will also need to do a percolation test before you close. If you plan on drilling a well, is a good idea see what the depth are for nearby properties.

If you would like for us to check into these on cost for a specific parcel or area, please contact us.