Which lot should I choose

I always recommend a home site with a view or one that backs up to preserve type area. It can be a view of anything a mountain, the ocean, a lake, river, or pond. Unless it is a dump, almost anything is better than a view of your neighbor. On a payment, the extra money you spent will probably be minimal, and you’ll make it back and then some when you decide to sell.

Aside from that you have a few options.

  1. Cul-de-sac – Most people love these lots. They are at the end of the street so less traffic. Also most of these lots are pie shaped. But if you are in a community with children, be prepared for some noise.
  2. Corner lot –  Some people are really into corner lots. Probably because you usually get more land, a side entry, and are able to show off your curb appeal. But obviously be prepared for more traffic.
  3. Interior lot- This is simply a lot between a corner and corner or a cul-de-sac. They can be good or bad, big or small it just depends. A lot of the better views are on interior lots. This is because most developers are smart and want maximize profits by having more than just a few premium lots at the end of the street.
  4. In the curb – This is a home in or no the outside the bend of a curb, These can be alright depending on the street, speed, and traffic flow. You don’t want to always be nervous pulling out of your driveway.  I do like inverted pie shaped lots though.
  5.  Funky lot- They might seem like a deal because they are irregular, with view of the side of another house, or just something unappealing to most. I’d be very wary of these. I’ve had to sell a few and usually isn’t fun.