Roof styles and cost

To tell you the truth, I am not a real roof guy. It is just not something I particularly care about. I mean I see some, and I’m like that looks pretty cool. But the truth is I could take it or leave it once I know how much extra that cost.

It is something I never really put that thought into until I took a job selling homes for a prominent builder. But it is a big deal even if it is not something you are into. If you don’t check out the roof style and assign a value to it, it could cost you thousands when it comes time to sell.

For instance, a open gable is a common and less expensive style than a hip roof.

You see how it would be more labor intensive and require more exactness to build.  Now lets consider a hip and valley roof.

You easily see a big difference. But you also need to consider the lost square footage. If you bumped all those walls back out you would have a much larger square foot home. That said it would also be a lot less appealing to prospective buyers.

Think about it. If you could get a hip and valley home versus a open gable home for about the same amount which would you choose? But now lets talk cost. If you compared a simple open gable versus a hipped roof on an average home, you might be talking an extra $3000-$5000. But through in an intersecting, a cross hipped roof, or a hip and valley you could easily be talking $20000+ in additional value.

I guess my point is to try to see past all this price per square foot mess and really start comparing your homes.