How much acreage do I need

If you’re looking for land a common question is how much do I need. It is an important question since if you have too little you’ll always be wanting more, and if you have too much you’ll pay more and probably have more maintenance than you want. It all really depends on what your plans are for the land.

What are you wanting to do with it? How does adding another acre or two or ten help you achieve your goals? There is really no cookie cutter answer, but I would encourage you really think it through. Go check out a few properties by walking or driving them to really get a sense of what size you need.

Perhaps just as important of a question is the shape of a property. Many developers or sub-dividers have parceled off long skinny lots because it offers easy access to a main road. However if what you are long for is space from your neighbors, these offer only a little more than a acre lot. So a more square or a flag lot may be what you need.

You also will need to consider what is around you. Also the distance and cost to run utilities to your property can be a huge expense that you don’t want to get shocked with after the fact. Also will you have access to sewer or will the land percolate. If it doesn’t and you can’t do an alternate system forget about a septic. Also it is a good idea if you have to put in a well to see what the depth are for nearby properties.