FSBO Warning

A client once told me they seriously considered selling their home on their own after a friend was bragging to them how they sold their home in a day by themselves. They told me that they had never really thought about it because they we scared of making a mistake or getting sued, and they figured it would be a major pain and time consuming. But they figured it would be worth checking into because who isn’t into saving money, right?

So naturally, I asked what made them choose to list their home. Long story short they said it didn’t make sense for them, and without telling you too much these¬† sellers were the very analytical type – think engineer. They said at face value they might save money if a potential buyer actually offered them what a buyer would on a listed home. But because most buyers shop with the help of a realtor, they would be limiting their exposure and/or end up paying 1/2 commission to their agent anyway, or the ones that don’t might expect them to give that saving to them.

But either way once they figured in marketing dollars and the time involved to research, show, and coordinate everything against the cost of their time, it didn’t make sense.¬† The funny thing is they asked me to look up what their friend sold their house for. I reluctantly did. Truth be told, my curiosity killed me. I had to.

Assuming they gave zero seller concessions, they maybe and I mean maybe saved a percent from what I could have sold it for. That’s a whole lot of risk and time for maybe a percent. I don’t know maybe you could do better, and if you’re up for it give it a shot. I just thought it was a story worth sharing.